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True North Leader with Bobby Albert

Jan 18, 2023

Only 32% of kids believe in God, but Brent Dusing is challenging this statistic by changing the gaming industry for Christ. Brent is the CEO of TruPlay, a platform that offers high-quality, fun, and biblically-sound entertainment to audiences worldwide. It gets more complex every day for parents to combat what their kids see online, so Brent is committed to providing children and parents with a safe corner of the web. He started his career during the dot com crash and went on to work with a venture capital firm. He knows about operating when times are tough. Brent's entrepreneurial spirit is built on experience, grit, and a commitment to faith.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • How entrepreneurs must operate in three dimensions of growth
  • Why startups (or any business) need the right people in the right seat
  • Why it's not only on parents to combat what children see online

Tune in for the lessons Brent learned as an entrepreneur and staggering statistics every parent and leader needs to know. 

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About the guest: Brent Dusing is the CEO and founder of TruPlay, a gaming platform created to bring high-quality, fun, and biblically-sound entertainment to audiences worldwide. An entrepreneur at heart, Dusing pioneered game creation with Christian content through Lightside Games, a Christian gaming studio reaching more than 7 million game players worldwide and resulting in 25,000 decisions for Christ. As the founder and CEO of Cellfire, Dusing created the nation’s leading mobile coupon company, used today at grocers like Safeway and Kroger. Leading Catalina Marketing to acquire Cellfire for $108 million. He began his career as a venture capitalist at Menlo Ventures, where he sourced multiple nine-figure exits and generated top-quartile returns. Over his career, Dusing has been featured on CNN, Fox News, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, and other news media. Dusing has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard University. 

About the host: Following a successful career as CEO, Bobby sold his business to a publicly-traded company. In what he calls his "second half of life", Bobby seeks to pour Biblically-based principles into growth-minded business, church, and non-profit leaders.

Through Values-Driven Leadership, Bobby serves as an Executive Coach and Training Consultant for organizations. He shares many of his principles and practices through a weekly blog, the True North Leader podcast, and through three books he has authored:

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