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True North Leader with Bobby Albert

Mar 2, 2022

What do you do when you think the Lord is blessing your efforts, but a door closes? Guest Jeff Applegate has learned a few times that those moments of doubt were also seasons where he had to trust and know that God would come through. Trusting God's character showed him the values he wanted to extend to his family and employees. Jeff knows that legacy is found in how you treat others, not just the business you build. He says leadership is simple; it's love. Tune in to hear about the fruits that came from a multi-million dollar investment right before Covid hit and more from Jeff's challenges as a CEO and man of faith.
About the guest: Jeff Applegate founded Texas Injection Molding in 2013 and serves as Chief Executive Officer. Jeff was the co-founder and Past Chairman of the Greater Houston Manufacturing Association and served two terms as President of the Society of Plastics Engineers. He is the author of Lead Your Family and has served on a number of advisory boards including the University of Houston College of Engineering, Houston Community College Advanced Manufacturing, The Downtown Rotary Club of Houston, and Center for Christianity in Business at HBU. Jeff is a graduate from Baylor University with dual majors in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management. He is married to Julie Applegate and they have 3 grown children.
About the host: Following a successful career as CEO, Bobby sold his business to a publicly-traded company.  In what he calls his "second half of life", Bobby seeks to pour Biblically-based principles into growth-minded business, church, and non-profit leaders.
Through Values-Driven Leadership, Bobby serves as an Executive Coach and Training Consultant for organizations.  He shares many of his principles and practices through a weekly blog, the True North Leader podcast, and through three books he has authored:
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